Monday, March 5, 2012

Previous Auction Site Post directed toward eBayers

Yesterday I posted a link to an auction site that I was excited to have found ~ I'm not going to repeat the name of the site because I don't want to spread the information further than it has already gone... today, I am suggesting that if you visit an auction site (ANY ONLINE AUCTION SITE) or plan to purchase items from a person you don't know... do your research...  Check and double check the validity of the items for sale.  Yesterday, I spent a nice chunk of change on fake items from a site that I had never heard of... yesterday's purchase isn't something that falls into the norm of what I do... I'm the one who misses the deals because I'm TYPICALLY VERY SKEPTICAL... I'm disappointed that I was able to be so easily bamboozled... and I must admit... I'm a little embarrassed too. 

In addition to WRITING AND PUBLISHING THIS POST I have taken measures to protect my readers by deleting the original post... If you're reading this and thinking this post is crazy what's this woman talking about?... GOOD!  That means you didn't read the post I'm referring to!  If you're reading this and you read yesterday's post... please EXERCISE EXTREME CAUTION if you decide to utilize the site that I referenced in yesterday's post.

I do realize that a buyer can get scammed just about anywhere and that this sort of incident can happen on ANY AUCTION SITE including eBay.  However, because my VERY FIRST EXPERIENCE on the auction site (referred to in yesterday's post) was not so good... my mind instantly flooded with red flags and because of MY negative experience... I feel compelled to warn anyone who did read yesterday's post to be aware... DO YOUR HOMEWORK... IF THE DEAL SEEMS TO GOOD TO BE TRUE... It's LIKELY TO GOOD TO BE TRUE! 

Luckily I was able to get in touch with all the right people to undo the transaction... I contacted the site's support team... the support team member responded and acted quickly by suspending the individual's seller account... they did so within just a few short hours. 

The seller DID refund my money but, I believe they only did so because I acted quickly... They did NOT acknowledge nor DENY that the items were fake BUT the fact the they promptly refunded my money and made no denial about the items being fake leads me to believe that this seller is well aware of what they're doing.  I also have to say that when I initially contacted the seller scammer regarding their fake items they didn't immediately respond to me... it wasn't until I enlisted the assistance of the auction site's support team and the bank that the seller scammer refunded my money.

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