Wednesday, March 14, 2012

4 Count Gillette Venus Razor Refills $7.99 and 100 Count 9 Pocket Coupon Binder Sleeves $15.24

I found a kickin' deal on Amazon for Gillette Venus Razor Cartridge Refills.  You can get 4 Original Cartridges for as low as $7.99! 

The last time I was physically in Walmart and checked on the price of these cartridges they were priced for aound $15... I found the 4 Count Original Gillette Venus Cartridges Refills on the Walmart website for $11.47...

Amazon Deal:

I added 2 Venus Cartridge Refill's to my account to see if the coupon would apply to both items... The coupon only applied to ONE of the cartridges... To qualify for free shipping I had to spend at least $25...

I've got quite a few ripped sleeves in my coupon binder and once in awhile I find myself scrounging to muster up enough room to squeeze in new coupons... I was impressed to find 100 sleeves for $15.24 on Amazon compared to Walmart's online price of $17.41

Guess who qualified for FREE SUPER SAVER SHIPPING!...

Items (2): $25.23

Shipping & Handling: $6.88 (EWW Nobody likes to pay for shipping)
Your Coupon Savings: -$2.00 (This is the Gillette Coupon)
Super Saver Discount: -$6.88 (FREE Super Saver Shipping)
Total Before Tax: $23.23
Estimated Tax To Be Collected: $1.98 (I couldn't get out of this one no matter how hard I tried)
Total: $25.21
Gift Certificate/Card: -$5.00 (I earned a $5.00 Amazon Gift Certificate for a referral from another site)
Order Total: $20.21

Recap: For $20.21 I was able to purcahse (1) 4 Count pack of Gillette Venus Razor Refills and (1) 100 Count 9-Pocket Trading Card Pages a/k/a Coupon Sleeves for my Binder!   

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