Sunday, February 26, 2012

They're Burning a Hole in My Pocket!

I am REALLY enjoying the Request a Coupon Series and I hope that you're all taking advantage of it too!  Last month I focused primarily on Food Coupons in the Request a Coupon Series...  Starting in March I MAY take us in a new direction... I haven't decided yet...

In addition to all the manufacturer's that I contact and suggest that my readers contact there ARE other manufacturer's that I contact.  Point being, you don't have to wait for a blog post to contact a manufacturer... Look for a phone number on the back of your packaging... look up your favorite products online ~ typically, (at the bottom of the website's page) you can find a "Contact Us" link... 

I was super excited when I opened up the envelope from Kimberly Clark and found FOUR coupons for $5/1 Scott Tissue, Towels or Napkins!  When I contacted Kimberly Clark I was honest... told the lady on the other end of the line how I felt about their Scott Toilet Tissue and i was rewarded with $20 worth the coupons that don't expire until MARCH 31, 2013!  I have OVER A YEAR TO USE THESE COUPONS!

Now, because of the high value of these coupons they're "burning a hole in my pocket binder" so to speak... but, I have to slow my roll and shop SMART... my initial reaction when I saw the sale at Foodland this week was like... oh, yeah I'm gonna get me some Scott Toilet Tissue for $0.99 after my $5 coupon.... BUT, as I write this post I realize that would NOT be the best way to utilize these HIGH VALUE coupons... I usually buy the 1000 sheet rolls... at they Foodland the 1000 sheet rolls are in a pack of 8 for $5.99 ~ that's $0.75 each (before coupons)... I would really much rather be around $0.70 PER ROLL (or cheaper) BEFORE COUPONS... for example: Tops has had this deal twice in the last 3 months:

Scott Toilet Tissue 20 Packs 1/$13.99 ($0.70 Per Roll)
Receive $10 Catalina WYS $40

IF I were to utilize my $5 coupons when Tops is running the Catalina promotion I'd make out MUCH BETTER... and I have plenty of time to wait for that sale to come around again becuase... the coupons don't expire until March of 2013!  Here's the Scenario:

Buy 3 Scott Toilet Tissue 20 Packs 1/$13.99
Use 3 $5/1 Scott Tissue, Towels or Napkins
Receive $10 Catalina to Use on a Future Purchase
Final Cost 3 ~ 20 Packs for $16.97 or $5.66 each or $0.09 PER ROLL!

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