Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Kellogg's $1.33 Progress Soup $0.50 Doritos $1.65 at Foodland

Our family eats ALOT of cereal... $1.33 is a stock up price for me... I have been fortunate enough to find it for as low as $0.75 after coupons but if I waited for that sale to come back around we may never eat cereal again!  The Progresso soup at $0.50 is a great price too and how about those DORITOS!   WOW!  $1.65 for a bag of Doritos... yes sir rebob I'm on board with that too!

Kellogg's Apple Jacks or Froot Loops 1/$1.88
$1/2 Kellogg's Froot Loops and or Apple Jacks
Final cost as low as 2/$2.66 or $1.33 each

Progresso Soups 1/$1
$0.50/2 Progresso Soups ~ Doubles to $1
Final Cost as low as 2/$1 or $0.50 each

Doritos Tortilla Chips B1G1 1/$4.29
$1/2 Doritos Tortilla Chips, exp 02/05/2012 (Display at Foodland in Bolivar)
Final Cost as low as 2/$3.29 or $1.65 each

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