Thursday, December 29, 2011

Regal Cinema $2 Popcorn & $2 Soft Drink Offer

Regal Cinemas are offering a coupon for a $2 small soft drink and $2 small popcorn... Sadly, there isn't a Regal Cinema close enough to my family for us to take advantage of this deal... but, it doesn't mean there's not one close to some of my readers... click HERE to find a Regal Cinema near you and then click HERE to sign up for the $2 soft drink/popcorn mobile coupon!  This offer is valid through 01.01.2012!


  1. Drives me nuts that our Carmike isn't a Regal. I got a free ticket for purchasing 4 in Binghamton the other I have to go back to use it. lol Oh well.

    Jeanie Kostun.

  2. I know Jeanie... I see the coupons for bowling too but none of the bowling allies in our area participate in the promotions :(