Monday, June 13, 2011

Walmart & Wilson Farms 06.10.2011 Shopping Trip

I'll start with the easy one first...

Wilson Farms:
Seatles Best Coffee (10) 1/$1.61
Used 06.05.2011 (I don't remember which Buffalo Paper Insert) Insert (10) FREE Coupon
Final Cost 10/FREE

Scott Naturals 4 Pack (3) 1/$2.68
Used (3) $1/1 Scott Naturals Bath Tissue
Final Cost 3/$5.04 or $1.68 each or $0.42 Per Roll

Cottonelle Feminine Wipes (1) 1/$2.48
Used (1) FREE Cottonelle Fresh Flushable Wipes
Final Cost 1/FREE + $0.36 Overage
Note: When matching the coupons to my purchases (according to my receipt) I couldn't figure out which coupon matched with the item (in a couple of instances).... this is one of those instances... I have NO IDEA where the amount came from so I stuck it with this item. 

Envelopes (2) 1./$0.94
Final Cost 2/$1.88
Hey, don't shoot me... I need my envelopes for all those mail in sweeps!

Duncan Hines Strawberry Cake Mix (2) 1/$1.24
Duncan Hines Apple Caramel Cake Mix (1) 1/2.84
Used (1) B2G1 Duncan Hines Premium Cake Mix or Brownie 6/5/2011 SS Insert (exp 9/5/2011)
Used (1) FREE Duncan Hines Product Coupon (contacted manufacturer)
Final Cost 3/1.24 or $0.41 each

Reese's Peanut Butter Cup (5) 1/$1
Used (5) $1/1 Reeses Coupon (contatced manufacturer)
Final Cost 5/FREE

Kingsford Charcoal 1/$15.97
Used (1) FREE Kingsford Charcoal (up to $16.00) (contacted manufacturer)
Final Cost 1/FREE

Bar S Hotdogs (20) 1/$0.88
Used (4) $5 Coupon Good Toward Bar S Products Purchase (contacted manufacturer)
Final Cost 10/FREE + $2.40 Overage

Reese's Minis 1/$2.68
Used (1) FREE Hershey's Minis (instant win game)
Final Cost 1/FREE

Arnold Bread (10) 1/$3.28 and 9/$2.48
Used FREE Arnold Bread Coupons (up to $3.50) (left over from House Party)
Final Cost 10/FREE + $9.40 Overage
*Note: These coupons rang as $3.50 off so the CSM told the cashier to ring them for the full value!!  YAY ME!

Suave Shampoo 1/$2.94
Used FREE Suave Professionals Shampoo Coupon (sign up on Facebook, I think)
Final Cost 1/FREE + $0.36 Overage
*Note: Again, I was given the full value of the coupon. 

Fixodent 1/$2.33
I grabbed the wrong coupon ~ it was expired... so, I paid FULL PRICE... EEK.  A couponer's worst nightmare!
Final Cost 1/$2.33

Morton Sea Salt 1/$2.28
Used FREE Morton Salt Coupon (contacted manufacturer)
Final Cost 1/FREE

Oscar Mayer Bacon 1/$5.48
Used Free Oscar Mayer Product Coupon (up to $4.50) (contacted manufacturer)
Final Cost 1/$0.98

Jello Temptations 1/$2.50
Used FREE Jello Temptations Coupon from Kraft First Taste
Final Cost 1/FREE + $0.39 Overage
Note:  I have no idea where $2.89 came from because it matches nothing on my receipt but this is the closest thing I can figure that it might be... maybe a typo?

Mountain Dew 24 Pack 1/$6.98
Dr. Pepper 24 Pack 1/$5.98
Used $2/2 Manufacturer Coupon found in the Foodland Ad
Final Cost 2/$10.96 or $5.48 each

Ore-Ida Sweet Potato Fries 1/$2.76
Used FREE Ore-Ida Sweet Potato Fries Coupon (sign up)
Final Cost 1/FREE + $$0.02 Overage
Note: This is another coupon that I was given an odd credit for... $2.78 ~ again, it doesn't match anything on my recipt the Ore-Ida Sweet Potato Fries are the closest thing it matches...

My intentions were to purchase the Seatles coffee at Walmart... I couldn't find singles so I grabbed a 4 pack... I took one can out of the 4 pack and scanned it at one of the price checkers... it scanned so I thought that they might allow me to buy them individually... I took the 4 packs to the register and asked.  The CSM told the cashier to go ahead and ring the 4 Pack and to try to ring 4 coupons... it didn't work... the 4 packs cost $4.68 making them $1.17 each... they did get one coupon to ring through but the next coupon made the register beep...  They deleted the 4 Pack of Seatles best off my order but couldn't get the coupon to come back off so they kept the coupon and I was credited $1.17 that I shouldn't have been credited. 

Going in... I had NO IDEA that I would get FULL COUPON VALUE for any of the free items... I did better than I thought I would... but, I'm not complaining... Not one bit! 

The other thing... I didn't include the tax or deposit when I calculated and shared the total...  but, for those interested the tax was $4.62 and the deposit $2.40 (NYS Deposit that gets refunded when you return your cans to a redemption center). 

These posts take a VERY LONG TIME to write because it's difficult to go back and remember which coupon went with what item... There were a couple (see notes) that had me bamboozled... but I matched them up as best I could my memory that seems to fail me more and more each day... EEK!

I'd love to see your saving's big and small!  Please share them on the My Mailbox Madness Facebook wall... upload your photo's!  It is extremely satisfying to see that what I do is helping YOU!

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