Thursday, June 16, 2011

Note to self:

NEVER. NEVER. NEVER sign your kiddo up for a freebie from the Army, Navy, Marines or Air Force! 

I signed Tearyn up FOR A FREEBIE NOT THE MARINES!  In my moment of freebie glory I was pretty excited about the pen, notebook and dog tags that I was requesting on her behalf.  Today Uncle Same came a knocking... (gasp)

NO!  You can't have her... I politely thanked the recruiter for his service to our country and proceeded choke on my own tongue as I relayed Tearyn's plans to attend college the fall after she graduates high school... NO!, I'm sorry but you can't call her later this evening... and NO!, I will NEVER request a freebie from the United States Marines again, PINKY SWEAR!

I do appreciate what our servicemen and women do for our county and I utterly appreciate the sacrifices of their families... I DO!  But, I don't have it in me to make that great sacrifice...

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  1. Me either, Brandy. I am so happy that Brockton has some issues that make him ineligible for the service! LOL There are silver linings to every dark cloud!