Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Coupon Shortage

There has been an overwhelming number of reports regarding last Sunday's lack of coupon inserts!  I was upset myself!  How disheartening it was to expect at least TWO possibly THREE coupon inserts and find that the Buffalo Papers (in many stores) held only ONE insert.

This is what I've found out from a Buffalo News representative:
There is a SHORTAGE of coupons... EEK!!!  That made me swallow hard and attempt to regain my composure.  To rectify the situation the Buffalo News is putting the inserts into the papers that go out for home delivery FIRST... the "left over" inserts are going into the papers that go out to retail stores. 

For an extra $0.25 ($2.25 Per Paper) you can have the Buffalo Sunday Paper delivered to your home every Sunday.  There is a Sunday ONLY subscription.  The downside to subscribing is that the subscription must be paid for 8 weeks in advance!  YIKES!      

Conclusion: If you subscribe to the paper you're sure to get the coupon inserts... if you don't subscribe... maybe the coupon inserts will be included... maybe they won't.

What are your opinions on the coupon shortage?  Will you opt for home delivery?


  1. (Katrina Hess) So basically to get the extra savings we have to pay extra. Now can you order 8 home subscriptions if you wanted to? So I could have 8 papers delivered to my door every sunday?

  2. Yes, home delivery cost $0.25 more per paper... and yes, you can have 8 Sunday papers delivered to your door every Sunday! Brandy

  3. (Katrina Hess) Well I think I will look into it. Its only $2.00 more a week to be sure to have the coupons if i buy 8 papers. Only bad thing is I will have to come up With $144 bucks for the "8 weeks at a time"

  4. Don't'll be paying for all of those Sunday papers that don't have any coupons at all....such as holiday papers and such. God forbid they just let people save money that want to take the time to do the couponing. So many of my friends laugh at me for my coupon addiction. If they knew how much money I really saved, I'll bet they would be SHOCKED. Oh well. I won't pay more to save a little. I'll just continue to buy the Sunday papers that actually have coupons in them that I will really use!


  5. Does seem to be getting a little expensive to save money... wont subscribe for 8 weeks..I will continue to buy the Sunday paper and WILL CONTINUE TO CHECK TO SEE IF THE INSERTS ARE IN IT, before I pay for it...Could Extreme Couponing on tv be a reason for the shortage?????BS

  6. I subscribed I want my coupons