Thursday, April 28, 2011

Request a Coupon Series Day #1

I've heard many people talk about not being able to find coupons for items they use on a daily basis... for that reason, I've decided to start a "Request a Coupon Series"... We're going to get us some coupons other than those found in the the most common spots such as ip's or Sunday Paper Inserts...

My motivation is that some of the best coupons come directly from the manufacturer to my MAILBOX!  You can get them by contacting the manufacturer directly... and it really only takes a couple of minutes to make a request.    

Contact ConAgra via telephone 800.988.7808 OR
Click HERE to be redirected to the Blue Bonnet website.

I contacted ConAgra via telephone.  (press 0 to get out of the recording & talk to a live person)  I spoke with a customer service representative and explained that I use Blue Bonnet for ALL MY BAKING and that I've searched EVERYWHERE but haven't ever been able to find any coupons for Blue Bonnet.  This is what I found out...

1. You can call ConAgra ONCE A MONTH to request coupons!!!
2. They WILL send coupons to you in the mail!!!
3. The coupons are valid for 90 days!!!
4. The coupons I requested today should arrive within 7-14 days!!!

Is there a coupon that you've been looking for?  Leave a comment and let me know ~ I'll do my best to help you find it!

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