Monday, April 18, 2011

Mountain Dew 12 Packs $2.50 each at Walmart with Price Match & Coupon

Our Walmart has peelie coupons on 20 Packs of Pepsi Products.  The coupon is good for $1/2 ~ 20 Packs OR $1/2 ~ 12 Packs!  If they're still available...  If you're headed to Walmart & interested in this deal take the Dollar General Ad with you... you'll need it for the price match guarantee.   

Here's the scenario:

Mountain Dew 12 Pack (2) $1/$3.00 Dollar General Price Match
Use Peelie Coupon $1/2
Final Cost 2/$5 or $2.50 each

At the Walmart in NY ~ You have to pay $0.05 deposit on each can...
At the Walmart in PA ~ There is no $0.05 deposit.  From my experience the cans have the $0.05 deposit stamp and can be returned in NY for a refund.     

In reverse... if you happen to be at Walmart and find the peelie coupons ~ they can be used at the Dollar General becuase they're manufacturer coupons...

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