Wednesday, April 20, 2011

FREE iTunes Gift Card Scenario/Idea

This is going to take a WHOLE lot of coupons but more than anything determination... however, IT CAN BE DONE!

You'll need lots of coupons... the quickest and easiest way to make this happen is to find (34) 04.17.2011 SS Insert Listerine Coupon $2.50/2

If I were to go the Listerine Route... this is what I'd do...

Combination of Reach Toothbrushes & Reach Floss (68) $1/1
Use 04.17.2011 SS Insert Coupons (34) $2.50/2
Final Cost FREE + $17 Overage

iTunes Gift Card 1/$15

Use CVS $4/$20 Bonus Offer

Transaction Total (Before Tax) FREE + $2 Overage

Now that you've thrown your hands in the air and thought... yeah, right... like I'm going to come up with 34 Listerine Coupons...  Here's another idea...

TAKE ALL your $2.50/2 Listerine Coupons AND All your Make-up & Hair Color Coupons to CVS... CHECK OUT THE CLEARANCE RACKS.  Compare your coupons to the items in the clearance bins.  You're looking for items that will give you an overage... EXAMPLE:  Today I found Nail Polish on Clearance for $1.72... I had a coupon for $2/1 creating a $0.28 Overage...

CVS isn't the only store that will grant you full coupon value when the cost of the item you're using it for is less... Rite Aid is another store that you can search for clearance items BUT get full value of your coupon...

PLUS, if you've been to Rite Aid lately... fill out their survey for $3/$15 (look on the bottom of your receipt)... now you only need $12 toward an iTunes gift card. 

Take your coupons to the TRAVEL or TRIAL section of the store (watch coupons to make sure they don't exclude travel/trial sized items)... look for anything in that section that pairs with a coupon and gives you an overage...

Another option is WALMART... Walmart gives MONEY BACK for overages... Find a few $1/1 McCormick Extract or Spice Coupons... take them into Walmart & buy the Taco Seasoning 1/$0.54 use the $1/1 coupon... for every one you buy using a coupon you've got a $0.46 overage... Do that 32 times... and you've got yourself an iTunes gift card... Heck do it Ten Times and get the change... take the change to to CVS and use the $4/$20 Purchase Coupon... use all your Listerine Coupons toward the floss or toothbrushes (described above)... you're getting closer... do you see what I see?

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